The good ole days

I had the privilege to photograph our very best friend's deployment homecoming last year. I love photographing homecomings, but this one is extra special for me. It checks off a bucket list item and is a core memory. Morgan and Jeremy have been friends since our very duty station, NAS Pensacola. After that, we went our separate ways onto different airframes in different states, but our friendship has remained. We still vacation together whenever we can, and now our kids are becoming friends. These truly are the "good ole days."


Framily is a silly-sounding mash-up of the words friends and family...framily. The Wrights are what I think of when I hear it. Here we are, just missing our daughter Piper (we spared her from the grueling two-day road trip to get there and back to work) and Lottie, the Wrights' newest little addition. Gosh we love these people.